University Photographs

photographs Students displaying their bibs Students ice skating Six students in automobile Four students gathered around piano Gerald Harrington running a football

Winter Highlights

In preparation for winter, here are some winter highlights from DePaul of old.

DePaul University choir singing beside the Christmas tree during program (1966).
Nuns at Annual Christmas Food Drive
Sisters of Charity collecting food & clothing during annual Christmas Basket Drive (1959).
Students and Priest in Snow
Students and a priest in the snow outside of the Liberal Arts Building (1943).


This assortment of photographs of DePaul University life dates from the early 1900s through the 1990s. Professional photographs of University ceremonies, milestones, athletic events and student groups are featured as well as informal snapshots of community service projects, students and social activities. Original photographs are held in DePaul’s Special Collections and Archives Department.

Recent Additions